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Cosfest 2010: Photo Pimp 2!

Alright, finally, more photos from Cosfest ! I think to speed up my efficiency I’m gonna cut down on the crap talk xD. Without further ado, photos below!

3rdJul10_Cosfest 008 3rdJul10_Cosfest 010
Left: Does this even need caption? It’s everyone’s favourite super cosplayer kaika cvy with me! Damn she’s tiny!
Right: Sakurasakisama paparazzing me while I paparazzi her!
3rdJul10_Cosfest 011 3rdJul10_Cosfest 013
Above: With Jesuke the bishie Saito!
Left: I have no idea how I got this pic. But DDtTenka looks really cute here xD

3rdJul10_Cosfest 015 3rdJul10_Cosfest 014
Attack of the Kagamines! DDTenka and OluciaO doing another version of the twins. For some reasons, I can’t remember the Japanese name of the song but its something about the duo wanting to overthrow their sempais hehee. They are so adorable laaa *cuddles and kidnaps home*
 3rdJul10_Cosfest 021
3rdJul10_Cosfest 026
Right:With Kyubei again!
Above: With Verse! I thought she looked really bishie that day =)

3rdJul10_Cosfest 0173rdJul10_Cosfest 028
Above is video stills of a Nami cosplayer getting pushed out by her friends towards Oni’s Frankie. Damn hilarious xDDD
3rdJul10_Cosfest 055 3rdJul10_Cosfest 056 3rdJul10_Cosfest 0573rdJul10_Cosfest 058 
Video stills of me getting my OTACOOL2 out for cosplayers in it to autograph.
3rdJul10_Cosfest 117 3rdJul10_Cosfest 118
Lolols. I think yuanie looks really cute here xD
3rdJul10_Cosfest 122 3rdJul10_Cosfest 124Italia (?) and the Holy Roman Empire(?) !
3rdJul10_Cosfest 127
 3rdJul10_Cosfest 130
Sakurazakisama as Beatrice from Umineko! Big ass pic because I think she looks gorgeous here *_*
3rdJul10_Cosfest 135 With Yuanie and rinka!!! MORE KAGAMINES !!!!!
3rdJul10_Cosfest 137 3rdJul10_Cosfest 138
Sigh…I forgot –_-

3rdJul10_Cosfest 140 3rdJul10_Cosfest 141 3rdJul10_Cosfest 142  3rdJul10_Cosfest 146 3rdJul10_Cosfest 145 3rdJul10_Cosfest 148 3rdJul10_Cosfest 149 3rdJul10_Cosfest 154 3rdJul10_Cosfest 152 3rdJul10_Cosfest 157 3rdJul10_Cosfest 155 3rdJul10_Cosfest 158
Shit load of video stills from my costume interview with (for convenience sake I’ll just label them as ) Cvy’s Hakuouki group. So guess you guys know what will be coming up in the near future? *grins*
Was too busy filming video with them so no photos to show =(
3rdJul10_Cosfest 159 3rdJul10_Cosfest 162
Taiga! The dome light was getting from bad to worse with the going down of the sunlight.
3rdJul10_Cosfest 165 3rdJul10_Cosfest 166
…………………. very colourful costumes :D 
3rdJul10_Cosfest 1693rdJul10_Cosfest 171
Okay this one I know! Katekyo hitman reborn!!!

3rdJul10_Cosfest 173 3rdJul10_Cosfest 175 
Left: With the very pretty Miss Hermes!
Right: Cute maid from the new maid cafe to be opening at Funan IT Mall around september! Looking forward *_*!
 3rdJul10_Cosfest 180 copy
Rei and Rykiel as Saito and idunowho from Hakuouki.
3rdJul10_Cosfest 181 copy

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