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World Cosplay Summit 2010: Singapore representatives Interview

Rushing to have this video up first ^_^ Actually finished editing last night but didn't have time to blog about it until now.
Picture taken from pinky_fish
And yes, as the title implies, its an interview with the WCS Singapore winners! Sorry I only have videos to show as my pathetic camera can’t really justify their awesomeness in that pitch dark dome. So video it is.
A lot of you voted to have video interviews of the WCS contestants but as luck would have it, I didn't get the chance to interview ANY of them except the Final Fantasy 13 team....and they became the final winners! What coincidence hehehe.

My sincere congratulations to them and may they level up even more for the final competitions!!! Maybe for once, Singapore can ace the competition :D:D
Congratulations to both pinky-fish and liberi Fatalis for the win and thank you for the short interview ^_^!!!  Am very honoured!

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