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2011 Cosplay Calendar for Charity

When Natalie Parisi sent me an email regarding a 2011 Cosplay Calendar for Charity, I had to admit, I was quite skeptical at first. Mainly because I’ve had many requests like this in the past, and none seemed legitimate aside from this one:
2011 cosplay calendar for charity
eBay Giving works 25% of the final sale price will support Room to Read (Small deduction may apply. Learn more about eBay Giving Works)
Giving Works ItemAbout this nonprofit:
Room to Read seeks to transform the lives of millions of children in developing countries by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. Working in collaboration with local communities, partner organizations and governments, we develop literacy skills and a habit of reading among primary school children, and support girls to complete secondary school with the relevant life skills to succeed in school and beyond.
This is an eBay Giving Works charitable listing (Administered by MissionFish)
Featured Cosplayers: Astarohime, Rei (Malro-doll), Ryoko (Ryoko-demon), Lune, Astellecia, Siera (Clamwings), K (K-chan009), Lillyxandra, Konoe, love-squad, Nek (neko-tin), Nichi, Green-Makakas, Kaikida
You can buy this calendar from Natalie’s Ebay… and if you do decide to buy one, please let me know how it turns out~ ^_^
Oh, and can anyone tell me which series the cosplayers are from so I can tag this in my blog properly please? I can only name a few… Thank you so much!

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