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Flandre Scarlet

Model: Hanasaugi Manyu
Character: Flandre Scarlet
Character Origin: Game Tahou Project

Brief Character:

Flandre Scarlet is the younger Remilia Scarlet, who has been locked in the basement of the Scarlet Devil Mansion for a lifetime (495 years). The reason is that an unstable personality and tremendous destructive power, even though he's locked still have great respect for Remilia. He has little knowledge about the outside world, and only when on stage he Scarlet Devil Extra embodiment have contact with humans other than Sakuya.

He has red eyes and blond hair, and she wore a red shirt and vest with a pink blouse underneath, and pink hat with a red ribbon attached to it. He carried a stick that was Laevatein. Wings apparently made of metal fragments and prisms.

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