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Kuroshitsuji: Drocell Cainz 03

kuroshitsuji cosplay - drocell cainz 03 by senri kurenaiThe Mandalay Family's Puppeteer, Drocell Cainz initially appeared to be a cruel man with sadistic tendencies. Grell Sutcliff later reveals that the real Drocell has his soul seized by the shinigami five years prior to his appearance in the series, thereby indicating that he was already dead. His body was somehow reanimated with a temporary soul, manipulated by the fallen angel, Angela.

Stunning cosplay by Senri Kurenai! It’s simple yet captivating, with a look that so much like the original character himself. Thanks to Timothy for suggesting this! Tags: cosplay, cosplayer, holic, role, play, roleplay, costume, anime, manga, game, series, character, photographer, photo, kuroshitsuji, black, butler, drocell, cainz, keinz, cains, madalay, family, puppeteer, initial, appear, cruel, man, sadistic, tendency, grell, sutcliff, later, reveal, real, soul, seize, shinigami, death, god, five, year, prior, first, appearance, indicate, dead, body, reanimate, temporary, manipulate, fallen, angel, angela, stunning, senri, kurenai, simple, captivate, look, like, timothy, contribution, suggestion, email, コスプレ, コスプレイ, 黒執事, ドロセル, カインズ, グレル, サトクリフ, 死神, アンジェラ

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