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Nachi Cosplaying America From Axis Powers Hetalia

Model: Nachi
Character: America
Manga / Anime: Hetalia: Axis Power

About the characters:
America is one of the characters from the manga / anime titled Hetalia: Axis Power. It takes character Manga countries that personified the human form which behaves like a typical country's society.

America is often claimed to be a hero and act without restraint itself so often makes other countries angry at him. His hobbies include eating a hamburger and say the phrase "I am the hero" during the meeting. As a child, American raised as a brother of England, but he began to rebel and independent from Britain as an adult. He often laughed at the British who are friends with the fairy and the ghost of his country, but he himself had an alien friend named Tony and his boss was also an alien. America has a brother named Canada, in contrast to the gentle and shy Canadian, American is a person who likes to talk loudly and openly.

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