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An open letter to Foreskine's "friends"

Dear friends of Foreskine,

As someone who truly cares for your sake, I would like to know what is it that you saw in Foreskine to make him your ally, your comrade, your confidante (I hope not even in bed), and most especially, your friend. I am sure that all of you have been blessed with the gift of right judgment and discernment, which makes it even more baffling that you should align yourselves with an old, lecherous pervert with an intellect as big as a six year old. Has his proclamations of “FIGHTING!” inflamed a desire within you to follow his path of childish idiocy? What makes him so “IMBA” that you are willing to let him caress your virgin bodies? Does his photographic penis extension c/o Nikon make you so wet in anticipation that you would dare join him in his own little convention? Do his Facebook messages make your hearts wallow in bliss that there’s someone who’s smitten by your supposedly kawaii faces?

Please tell me. I really am concerned for your futures. If potentially productive (because there is that slight chance you turn into that lazy jejemon at the bar) youths such as you are willing to rub crotches with men such as Foreskine, then what would happen to this already backasswards cosplay community of ours? I cannot fathom good and kind-hearted (oh, I do hope you are) people like you actually mingling with excess skin… I mean someone who…

a) Keeps a "database" of underage girls.
b) Likes role-playing as a Super Hentai team with Abundick.
c) Will not only target one pussy, but also the pussy’s sister (and brother).
d) Plays secret (not doing a good job of it) stalking agent on Facebook.
e) Thinks parading girls in costume is an everyday thing (oh really?).
f) Thinks he knows, but really doesn’t.
g) Makes up his own vocabulary (imba [im-ba] –adjective, 1. Different).
h) Acts like wildlife to get wild with you (*meow*).
i) Can’t shoot straight.
j) Makes you a fan sign even if you’re not his fan.
k) Fantasizes, obsesses, lusts for GT’s affection (whatever floats his boat).

You might not know me personally, nor do I know you personally, but I’m truly concerned and dismayed by the devotion you show to such a repulsively distorted and immature person. I would not want to see any more innocent lives defiled by the grammatically, morally and intellectually incorrect principles of such an expert sage in existential failure. I once walked the path of indiscriminate horniness and as someone who has experienced being an uncircumcised fap boy detested by the general public, I cannot even begin to tell you that it is something that I would not want you to experience. However, I have found the eternally beautiful antidote called love and while I am still horny, I no longer shoot at anything at anytime. As someone who truly wants you to live happy and normal lives, please, I desperately beg of you to stay away from Foreskine. You can be so much more than just another deranged perv lurking in the Internet.

Sincerely yours,
Horny Lover Boy

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