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Sei Cosplaying Kanu Unchou From Ikkitousen

Model: Sei
Character: Kanu Unchou
Manga: Ikkitousen

About Character:
Kanu Unchou is a character in the manga Ikkitousen. He appeared in two episodes to fight with Ryomou and Hakufu. The belief that excessive lead arm broken by Ryomou Kanu. He then became serious and beat Ryomou using only his legs and still managed to win the second fight against Hakufu. Kanu is expected to win the tournament toushi before he suddenly gave up after a fight against Hakufu. Section knives gun was never displayed in the first series. Seito color also seems to be a real school instead of blue.

About Cosplay:
In this cosplaynya, Sei was not wearing a sailor uniform as they should wear clothing that Kanu in the manga. Her clothes, although from the front looks closed but can be seen from the side of his body parts, making it look more attractive. Another interesting part is his hand bandaged, giving rise to the impression of a fighter.

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