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Sexy Cosplay Of The Week: Firefly Path

Here we are on New Year’s eve, on the day where people around the world are preparing for the end of the year. The special day where people around the world gather together to celebrate the coming year and get completely trashed in the process. Let me make this day even more special with the final ‘Sexy Cosplay Of The Week’ for 2010. Gathering around for this special event is like gathering for a convention, people just love to dress up in costumes. So how about we pop a few bottles and throw some streamers for Nerdbastards final cosplayer of the year.

This week we speak the name of: Firefly Path

Hailing from the city of Angels, good old Los Angeles, California is a brilliant woman known to the online community as ‘Lillyxandra’. To everyone else JoEllen Elam is simply known as Firefly Path. This firefly has her own spark for creation and design which caused her to become interested in becoming a costume designer and make-up artists. It was like she was just preparing for cosplay. It does help your career working at the University of North Texas and interning with Project Runway season 1 contestant Vanessa Riley. Doing cosplay with no knowledge can be a big hinderance, Firefly Path has just been trained and that means she has a lot of ideas left floating in her head.

Firefly Lily hasn’t only shown off her cosplay skills around conventions, she lives in a city surrounded by actors and business. When she not performing as someone from anime, video games, film she’s make costumes for companies and nightclubs. Her skills in make-up made her the key make-up artist for the internet web series ‘There will be brawl’ and ‘Fear news’ on Fear Net. JoEllen’s work as also been seen in magazines around America and the rest of the world. From Japanese magazine “CosMode”, Mexican “Cosplay Mix”, and the UK’s “Cube”, and French Magazine “Kogaru” as well as numerous website. She’s also been a guest at conventions across North America, Mexico, Chile, Columbia, Canada, Russia, Germany and Italy. How kind of her to share her knowledge, after all she paid her education while most people just re-read instructions.

If your ever happen be be in the Los Angeles area and you see Firefly Path on a photoshoot say hi, but wait for the camera to get put down first. Can’t make it to the city of angels? Then how about you check out her very own website, Firefly Path or her deviantArt page and drop her a line.Looking to make your own wings just like this week cosplayer then check out her very own how to pages or her ‘crafty’ blog.

Firefly Path is the final Nerdbasstards ‘Cosplay of the week’ for 2010. Gracing the last page of this decade must be a huge honor and while we don’t have a trophy or blue ribbon to hand out the bragging rights are then anything. So, as the year comes to a close remember that everyone has their own costumes, some are just sewn better together than others. Happy New Year everyone!

Wanna see more of Firefly Path? Check out these sneak peeks below:

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