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So you want to cosplay in Malaysia?

International Affairs Officer Gixxer gives us the skinny on what cosplay is like in Malaysia!

1) What are some basic rules for cosplay in Malaysia?
--> Basically , anything goes. Cosplay is still new in Malaysia despite its already been 5 years. The rules isnt really strict as long its not racist,not too revealing and dont use any dangerous materials . weapons is a go even a very big prop.. even weapon replica or bbgun is allowed as long its not loaded.

About crossplayer, there no rules about them yet because there's barely any .. the guy crossplaying as a girl that is .. So far i just know three of them and two of them pull it off really good. The trend starts to catching up tho ..

2) What is some advice you can give for people wanting to come to Malaysia for cosplay?
Just Be Yourself and Enjoy

3) what are some common mistakes you see being made?
None that i cant think of at the moment ..

4) If you have cosplayed in Japan, what are some if the differences you see between Japan and your home country?
Yes. My first time cosplaying here in japan is at Comiket Winter 79 2010. The differences ? Wow . where should i start ! The amount of cosplayers in Comiket really surprised me. I never seen so much cosplayers in one place ! The variety , the quality and being an armored cosplayer, those armored cosplayer are so awesome ! The details are simply amazing ! The cosplayer,photographer or just con-goers in Japan has really great attitude. They all are very very polite. I love it ..

5) What is the level of cosplay like?
Since cosplay in Malaysia is still relatively new and lack of materials and insane price , we could consider as beginners if compared to Japan. But we are getting there, more and more awesome cosplayers are coming in and getting noticed by the eye of public. The rate is rather slow but im amazed by the quality and quantity of cosplayers at Comic Fiesta 2010 (biggest convention in malaysia - end of every year) compared to the previous year.

6) what series are popular right now?
Fairy Tail , Black rock shooter, Naruto , Bleach , Vocaloid, etc ..

7) Anything else you want to say or share?

To speak the truth, i want to stop cosplaying and Comiket 79will be my last. But the experience Comiket 79 gave me is unforgettable and i vow to continue it and spread what ive learned and experienced to Malaysian cosplayers.

Some useful phrases in Bahasa Melayu (the official language of Malaysia, though honestly English is used too)

May I take your photo?
--> Boleh saya ambil gambar ?
--> Boleh saya ambil gambar kamu ?

Thank you!
--> Terima Kasih !

You're welcome
--> Sama Sama

Your costume is great!
--> Kostum kamu hebat !

Your costume is interesting !
--> Kostum kamu menarik !

Is your costume handmade?
--> Kamu buat kostum ini sendiri ?

Can I find you online?
--> Boleh saya cari kamu "online"

Do you have a namecard ?
--> Kamu ada "namecard" ?

Here's mine *hand over namecard*
--> Ini saya punya

If you would like to see some photos of Malaysian Cosplayers then please visit Gixxers flickr account! Comic Fiesta 2010

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