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Wanna learn tantric sex from GT?

The unfortunate truth is that there are many phonies in this world, and these phonies make a living off pretending they are who they aren't. This made me think: if phonies can earn money from teaching shit they actually know little of, my legit knowledge would go a long way. I've decided to try my hand at imparting my expertise for some dough.

My master in Jeet Kune Do taught me a lot of things, including tantra. Tantra is a very complex web of concepts from India that cannot be explained in one sitting. What I want to teach is tantric sex which, in simpler and marketable terms, is taking sex to a whole new level. You can read FHM, Playboy and Cosmo for years but you will never achieve sex as great as tantric sex. I once saw an article about tantric sex in Cosmo and it was grossly misleading.

Tantric sex is not just about mastering the kama sutra. Its ultimate goal is not sexual pleasure, but spiritual transformation. In other words, tantric sex can give you mind-blowing sex and deep personal gratification in one package.

You should only dabble into the world of tantra if you:
  • are open to the concepts of meditation and spiritual transformation
  • want to explore your spirituality in a way religion can't
  • want to take sex to the next level; to have more frequent and intense orgasms during intercourse
  • want to get rid of perversions and carnal desires, making sex a more fulfilling and satisfying experience
  • want to be able to make your lover more exciting in bed, strengthening your relationship for the long-term
  • want to learn about deeper aspects of love, such as real commitment and how to achieve happiness
  • want to be free from repressions and unpleasant feelings of loneliness, emptiness, and unrequited lust
...and many more!

Why should you choose me to teach you tantric sex? Because:
  • I learned from the only documented tantra master in the Philippines, the go-to guy of every publication for interviews about tantric sex who was certified and given an esteemed spiritual name (think Muhammad of Muhammad Ali) by revered Indian mystic and Pope-level charismatic leader Osho
  • I am a public figure - if I lie to you or exploit you, you can expose my crimes to the public and I'll be eternally screwed
  • it's really hard to find a teacher of tantric sex who isn't a phony
For this program, you must:
  • be 18-30 years of age
  • be female
  • live in Metro Manila or adjacent provinces (Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, Rizal)
  • be clinically sane and of good health

The charge is 250 pesos per session. Interested persons can reach me through e-mail at Let me end this with a quote from Osho.

Do you realize the fact that what you call love is a repetition, the same stupid gymnastics again and again? And in this whole stupid game the man is the loser. He is dissipating his energy, perspiring, huffing, puffing, and the girl keeps her eyes closed, thinking, "It is a question only of two or three minutes and this nightmare will be finished."

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