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Hudahel are Bacolod MAGKALZ?

In case your living beneath a rock and unaware of the pestilence...

The Bacolod MAGKALZ is a newly born sub-group of Hitsuzen Bacolod which is composed of 'photobombers'.

photobomber. noun. /fotobamer/ someone who is fond of menacing photoshoots or any photo opportunity. photobombers are always seen at the background of your pics doing nasty things.

For example...

SO BEWARE PEOPLE...especially cosplayers. The Magkalz are out there to destroy your precious moments.

Baptised last February 5, 2011, the current members of Bacolod MAGKALZ are Vench, Mac, Paolo, Pathz, Senou, and Joe as the self-proclaimed manager.

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