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I miss you.

by Steven Vivero

It will always take a lot of time, understanding and trust to gain a close friendship with someone else. It is a fragile thing that really does require as much handling as any other fragile and precious thing.We cannot determine the exact time that friendship is formed, it is mutual.. an overwhelming feeling. I'm happy to encounter these people along the way and I wanna make you feel that every bit of you is appreciated.

I'm actually bothered not because I'm losing some of my closest friends, but I know some people who are under this situation. I DON'T MEAN to pry but it's just that... it really does bother me. Seeing some of my friends having some conflicts with their friends is such a heartache. I don't know why I feel that I'm carrying the burden, but I guess.. I just feel that there is something that can be done before everything ends. Let's admit that we made mistakes, we're not perfect. We all have our own flaws. I just hope that there will be room for forgiveness.

I miss seeing happy faces like these..

we can't play the same games before but...

I miss to see people beaming with love like these..

I miss hanging out with these guys like we used to before..

I miss pigging out like these..

I miss being just a fanboy..

I miss being trolled..

I miss the sensible talks..

I miss meeting new friends and sleepovers!

I miss hanging out with everone..

This might be a simple note, but I hope that you guys would feel that without you, someone like me can't be complete.

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