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If you're a cosplayer, you probably...

Contrary to popular belief, cosplayers don't magically appear during conventions and disappear right after it. These are real people with real lives. PinoyCosplay did some research and found out what most cosplayers have in common. You'll probably be able to relate if you're among the cosplaying types. With that, let's play a little "fill in the blanks." The lead is If you're a cosplayer, you probably ________.

  • Were a bullied child in grade school and high school. Maybe even in college.
  • Have been admitted to an Asperger's Syndrome therapy session at least once.
  • Have a strong motivation to learn how to draw anime-style art. Sadly, most people think your rendition of Tifa looks like a cross between Pepe Smith and a goblin.
  • Are either a sweaty high school emo kid or 30, single, and living with your mom.
  • Are a Mensa member who still can't pass your basic algebra subject.
  • Are still uncircumcised.
  • Would rather watch hentai than go out on a real date.
  • Think that GamerTotoy will someday stop what he's doing, People will find a way to understand each other! Naruto said so!
  • Keep a love doll handy in your closet. Hey, it's an icon of Japanese culture, right?
  • Study in this school in Katipunan where rich kids with zero street smarts are safe from the harshness of the real world.

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