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A Special Note

by Edward Paul Angelo Amparado

hi there, I R SORRY if im not good in my grammar.

This is my first note that I ever made here in FB and also with my other accounts.

To start, I'ml going to tell you a story about the people i have encountered in my life.

February 13, 2010

ANBUFEST PIN from my brother.

yumi, poly, and rosebeth ♥

the 1st Cosplay event held in Bacolod is the Anbufest at 888.

*honestly we are not a cosplayer, but a JRock addict and costume makers*

so we decided to try to join on this event, and it was really fun.

There we started to know this thing called ANIME.

MAY 1, 2010

me, yumi, beloved, sai T_T

BELOVED Banazure is the one who invited us to try to join cosplay with them.

without him we did not met the others, thanx to him :D

the day where we meet the HITSUZEN group.

since i am not close with them, sai was the only one who entertains them because I'm not a person that somewhat very friendly but also a shy one.

and the following days come. . .

the summer friends

T_T i miss everyone

after months have passed, many things happened, some got busy, and some already left, some came back.

There I was qualified to become one of the VIP Core member of Hitsuzen Bacolod.

and look at us now. . .


huhu i miss everyone :( there I can see the what we call HITSUZEN *tears

The reason why I made this note was to let you all remember everthing from past to present. as we look at around us at this time, many things have changed. Some will already give up cosplaying and face a new career.

as a member of the HITSUZEN, it dosen't mean if you dislike or misunderstood the person, you will end everything, you should face it , and give chances, because whatever happens, Time will come that you and the person that you don't like to be with, will need him/her because of the connections and friendship made between you and the person. and for those who said that they will stop cosplaying: please don't say that, because even how many times you will say that you'll gonna stop being as COSPLAYER, you'll absolutely miss it! because many great things happens when you are a cosplayer.(tears) ang tanong, kay mo bang kalimutan at hindi makipag kita sa amin? even now, we miss those days right? :D *phew. we just started everything, and we are still at the beginning, lets continue the story of our lives together, as we go along. I Love You guys *hugs


the 1st ever photoshoot that i join, i'll gonna treasure this T_T

so long folks, see ya next time. . .

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