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4th Philippine Cosplay Competition

Even though it is against my very will to set foot at a Cosplay Convention, who can blame me? I was bored and it was maddening. So to start with, 4th PCC didn't give out much scene aside from the usual whores.
(she made an effort to be in a costume FINALLY)

Then I walked on a Magical Trap, HOELY SHI-!

This magical trap was so "trapful"(is that even a word?) that I had a boner, even if I dont have that bone and i wanted to do something /derp face.

After that major boner I saw impressive whore- i mean costumes, except that those who wore them uhhh.. see for yourself

Yuzukichii's costume went well. But I was really pissed when that wing randomly came out of nowhere and hit me on the face.
Then I saw excessive amount of Steroids but nonetheless, abs has some sort of weird effect on girls. Not that I am one, but his' 6-pack sent a lot of feminines (gay, straight to Bi) frenzied and swooning.
Oh the joy, The convention was uneventful, there was nothing as in nothing. I wasted energy and effort that was supposed to be reserved for something more productive than this.

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