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8.9 Earthquake in Japan, we need your help!

This post is a few days old so please excuse how late this is going live, I have had my hands full since then with the aftermath of said Earthquake.

Written 03/11/2011 by CelestialShadow
Hello everyone, today at about 3pm north eastern Japan was hit buy a very big quake. You can read more about it on any online news source since it just happened. Tokyo was also hit very hard, I was caught in the quake coming home from the store. It was so powerful it knocked me onto the ground. I got up and ran all the way back to my apartment building but could not go inside because the shaking was severe and it was not safe. When I was able to get back in I packed up my wallet cell phone and some snack foods and went outside to wait it out. For about 3 hours after that we have been experiencing a BIZARRE ( and I mean totally not normal shaking after shocks, these are the vertical kind that makes it feel like your on a trampoline, the most dangerous type) series of aftershocks that are still coming even as I write this entry. Phone lines are down, trains are down, nothing works EXCEPT the internet which is the only way of contacting me for the time being. I and my family are safe, the house did get pretty trashed but its nothing that cant be cleaned up. Many buildings nearby have been damaged or caught fire so we are all being very diligent right now to keep an eye out around our neighborhood since houses are so close together and one fire could mean the whole city gets taken out potentially. A tsunami did hit the coast of Japan so a few prefectures were almost completely taken out, including Fukushima. The city if still on quake warning so i have to brace myself for some more, i doubt its over yet.

If you are the praying type, say one for Japan, it needs it.

Thanks everyone!

Written 03/13/2011
Hey everyone, just a small update on whats going on though I am sure you are probably hearing everything on the US and world news channels. Its day 3 after the quake that hit northeastern Japan and rescue workers are very hard at work. The USA has sent every available battleship and carrier to assist and defend Japan at this time. As you know, over 10000+ people are missing and possibly dead and about that amount in people who have lost their homes. We are still experiencing aftershocks here in tokyo so i can only imagine that it is much worse for the folks in the hardest hit areas. Nuclear reactor #4 in Fukushima did blow up but the reactor itself is okay but still there is a problem with cooling the system so experts are saying that a partial meltdown is very likely. I am keeping an eye on the news for further developments but the latest that I heard is that another earthquake of about 7.0M is 70% likely to happen in the next 3 days so everyone is preparing again for the worst. If it is a 7 like they say and it hits sendai again then that means that it will be a M5.0 here in Tokyo because of how far away we are. If it triggers some place else then who knows, we could all be screwed. I have to return to work tomorrow but if the quake hits while I am at work then that means I will have to camp out in my office because most likely the trains will shut down again. Thanks everyone for your concern and well wishes, we are pulling through okay and praying for the best outcome for the people in the Sendai area.

Would you like to help?
The red cross and Salvation army chapters in Japan are taking any monetary donations to aid the victims of this calamity, anything you can give would be greatly appriciated. If you are in Tokyo, all Lawson`s convenient stores are taking donations as well =)

If you would like to know more about this event and how the members of the Alliance are fairing through this (since half of us live in Japan) then please visit our forum thread at

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