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I support local mangakas!

by Von Fritz Evangelista

Come Animotion 2010, I was shocked of a local manga being sold at the cosplay site. Whoa! There's a local mangaka around?

I bought a copy and asked...who's the mangaka?

And there! It's Shida Shinpan!

I grabbed the opportunity and asked for an autograph. Coz I thought...this man will gonna be famous someday. At least I had his autograph before he's there.

The first issue had two manga stories. In Her World is a story of a cool boy meets weird girl. Rising Underground on the other hand is a story of tough robot-like people fighting soldiers.

I heart In Her World. Maybe because I can relate.

Last Kusupure Deto, the Volume 2 of the series was released. I bought my copy of course.

And recently, Volume 2.5 is out. Blots Inc's ROOK is included...another series by my dear mangaka friends Katz and Co.

Seems like Ice Cream Indie is indeed getting there.


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