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PinoyCosplay Presents: Omar54

Another week for another cosplayer to get its space in our wonderful blog. And who could this week's be? No need for suspense cause today we present to you Omar54.

Omar54 used to be a cop who had the almost perfect life. He's got a loving wife (pic below) a big house and a good job.

After a few months of living a married life, his wife got pregnant with a baby boy. Unfortunately. His wife got murdered by a cosplayer and so Omar54 ended up going to conventions to hunt down his wife's killer.
There he went on a rampage and started killing cosplayers in conventions. Unfortunately he failed to kill the one who murdered his wife.Due to his deeds. He was fired and eventually lost everything he's got.
But this didn't stop him. Omar54 trained himself in TimeZone to gain more strength.
As he grew stronger, so did his madness and thirst for vengeance.
Because of all the cosplayers Omar54 killed, he became a threat to the cosplay community and was feared even by the higher ups of the cosplay underworld. Omar54 continued his rampage until one day someone decided to have him assassinated.
He survived the first attack on him, since the one who got sent was a wimp cosplayer who could only do Falcon Punches. But a few weeks later he was once again assassinated and this time by Chuck Norris.
Omar54 despite all his training can never beat the hell out of Chuck Norris. So he died.
Before his death however, Omar54's life flashed right before his very eyes, from the moment he was born, to the moment he got punched by Chuck Norris. But somewhere in between he realized something. Something he's missed all along. The one who killed his wife is none other than him. Omar54 is the murderer.

RIP: OMAR54 19??-2009
Omar54 was a truly special individual. May we dedicate this week to remember him. Let us pray for him so his soul may find peace.

Well... That is all for this week. Tune in again next week to see who gets his shot in PinoyCosplay's Hall of Shame.

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