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You guys remember the charity photoshoot thing for poor little... I forgot the name, who got her house burned down? Well... Here are the things you could shoot with your cam when you pay your 2k...

First of all credit goes to the CPG dude who got this pic. (There I credited the guy, no more complaining)

What I think? The place seems good... But, I know other places where you can do a photoshoot for free. Then they said that it would involve cosplayers... How come I see two girls who aren't in costume? I don't think paying 2k is worth it. They said there was a rent for the place, then transportation and then other expenses. How much left for the girl who lost her house? I have no idea. 

Anyways... Just donate your cash/resources to Japan. Little girl who burned her house is in a better condition than those Japanese. How to donate? Just Google it or something. 

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