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Tea Party Reschedule, support the red cross!

Updated by Celeste

Okay everyone, the party is back in order! For those who would like to attend please RSVP ASAP, i need a count of how many people are coming.

If you are located OUTSIDE of Tokyo I would highly suggest making sure you can get a train to and from here because the trains are effed up right now (there are NO express trains running at this time due to power restrictions), I wont be having anyone sleep overnight because of some other activities going on the day before plus i need to clean my house.

other than that, read on!

You are invited!

I am having a small cosplay tea party on March 27th from 12pm – 6pm. The event will be for friends to chat, take photos and eat. I will have 3 photo areas set up for guests to use for personal photography so bring as many costumes as you like. My husband will be around that day so he can help with photography and translating for me since Japanese is not my first language.

The photo areas I will have set up are:

1) Living room with antique furniture and American country setting (good for vintage style costumes)
2) Black muslin backdrop
3) Checkered floor panel
The muslin backdrop will work best during the daytime when we can use natural lighting so if you want to come early feel free to. I will have backup lighting just incase it gets too dark.

There will be plenty to eat and drink so don’t worry about bringing anything other than yourself and a few costumes to wear but there will be a 500 yen charge per person that will be donated to the red cross to help the tsunami victims

If you would like to bring a friend along then please let me know, its okay to bring a friend! My home is a 3 bedroom condo so there will be a maximum limit of 6 -7 guests. So please let me know asap if you can come or not. There will be a changing room and makeup room available for you to use.

My closest station is:
Tobu Isaseki line, Kanegafuchi station

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