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This cosplay year is almost over and now I'm thinking about my next projects. But at first I have to finish some things:

In the last days I began with my second sword for my Aion plate set. This one have to be finisehd soon, because it's for my performance at the Germany Cosplay Championship in some weeks.

As you can see there were less steps to build it: I clayed two parts of pink (in Germany it's purple ^^) insulation foam on a balsa wood staff, carved the insulation foam (I always carve with a cutter from the home depot by the way), modeled a bit with expanding foam and covered it with crepe tape and newspaper. The result is a very lightweight sword built out of very cheap materials. I still have to cover it with paper mache and add some lights, but it's done very quick.

I also had to redo my Asmodian wig:

Now I just have to cut some hair and add little details. But I'm happy, that I managed it to style it a second time.

This year I finished my 4th Druid costume (I already did T1, T3, T6 and T8) and after so much of this similar project it would be boring, to create a further one. Especially, because I don't learn anything new and it's not exciting anymore. So, I really wanted to stop with these costumes, but one month ago I decided to visit Dragoncon next year. And I guess, the most of you know me as a Nightelf, so I just HAVE to meet you in a further Druid Tier set. My last one. Really! Believe me!

So, I waited for the new Druid Tier 11 sets and they turned out... as shit.

I already hated the design of the Tier 10 set, but this set is really not better. I'm really disappointed and hope, the next sets will be better again. The sets of the good old WoW times were so much nicer... So, now there are not many sets I still can build. The most are already done, too ulgy or too easy. My only alternative is Druid Tier 9:
Despite of this boring and weird pauldron design I really like this set. It has a nice cut and colors, it glows and has a cool head piece. So... I couldn't wait and started with the first steps:

Here you see just a styrofoam ball, a bit grey board and at the end a lot of expanding foam. The first steps seems always quite simple, but it takes time to find the right form for the ball and the grey board and to cut and to clay it right. This step sets the form and size for the pauldron, so it is... very important.

And as you noticed, there are 4 pauldrons. I will build a second T9 for my boyfriend, so I have to build 4 of them. This means, I need a lot of expanding foam!

... and that I have to make a lof of dirt. Oh, I love to make dirt! :D

The final result is this one. I need two carving steps for it: One step for the base form and one step for the spikes, the borders and the eagle head. Do you see this grey stuff inside of the head and the spikes? It's grey board and always helps me to find the right shape inside of the expanding foam.

Now... only 3 of these things left... o.O

A further project for next year will be Beleth from Lineage II

He he, this project will be interresting...

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