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Best Final Fantasy Characters

Most of the Final Fantasy games have a pretty good story. But what is a good story, without a good cast of characters? Final Fantasy characters are usually either great, or barely remembered. I remember playing FF4 when I was a little kid on the super Nintendo, although it was known as FF2 as it was the second Final Fantasy released in the U.S., but the fourth game made in Japan. The game had an awesome cast of characters and storyline, which is why it has been remade several times. Final Fantasy 6(also known as FF3) also has an incredible cast of final fantasy characters that aren't easily forgettable and it has a story that may be the best of any Final Fantasy game to date.
Cecil is one of the main the Final Fantasy characters in FF4 and you start the game as him. He is a Dark Knight and captain of the redwings before he is banished by the king a long with his best friend Kain and they are sent away on a mission with a package full of monsters that destroys a city once he gets there. He can't believe what has become of his king and eventually puts down his dark sword and passes the trials to become a Holy Paladin.
Rydia has always been one of my favorite Final Fantasy characters. After you lose her in a tragic ship accident, where she was just a little girl, she comes back to save everyone from Golbez as they are about to be defeated later in the game. She has been in the World of Summons where time flows much faster and she has grown up now and has lots of summons she can use to aid you now and is one of your best characters throughout the rest of the game.
Terra is the character you start as in FF6, although the main character is really debatable still. Terra starts enslaved by the emperor and doing horrible things they are forcing her to do. She is saved by a returner(a group against the empire) named Locke and they go on to get help from King Edgar. She is able to use magic, which at the start of this game no human is able to do, until you acquire espers that grant them magic power. You find out more of her story later on and the game revolves around that for the first half until the world gets reshaped and everyone is separated. You start the world of ruins as Celeste, and she seems to be the main character from then on.
I could talk about Final Fantasy characters from these games for a while but that will have to be held onto for another time. I would really like to see futures games released though with more of the attributes these two games had and include the deep back-story on several characters in the game. I do like the newer games as well and really enjoyed FF13. To this day however FF4 and FF6 are at the top of my list of greatest games, and probably will be for a long time to come.

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