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cosplay naruto figure

Uzumaki Naruto
Nice Naruto Cosplay! Let's begin with the accessories: parasol, leopard-print sleeve cuffs on Naruto's jacket and matching zipper lining. Gold chains, decorated kunai, and a scroll. It’s different, it’s cute. We love it.
Tip: The color scheme of this cosplayer’s outfit is red, gold, and orange. Next time you cosplay, think about the colors your character wears most. Try to add accessories to your cosplay (a necklace, chains, a parasol, a hat, etc.) that compliments those colors. Or add a single accessory that completely stands out from your costume and draws people's attention to the uniqueness of your cosplay.
naruto cosplay
This cosplay doesn’t include anything fancy, it’s more like a classic cosplay. Which is always respectable, especially since the cosplayer resembles Naruto so much. This cosplay is beautiful in it’s simplicity. And we love the cosplayer’s hair, it’s a more natural baby blond rather than the harsh “butter yellow” many Naruto cosplayers sport. Little things like that make all the difference.
The background is dreamy and reminiscent of winter, and the sunlight is hitting the cosplayer’s face at just the right angle.

Tip: Photography is important in cosplay. The photography can make or break a cosplay, so choose your photographer carefully.
This cosplayer decided to make a costume of Naruto in mid-transformation, as he changes in the Kyuubi (nine-tailed fox demon). The ears and tail are big and furry, as are the the feet (though you can’t see in this photo). Also, her usage of long claws for Naruto’s hands, adorned by plants is quite interesting and creative. She has a scroll at her side if you look closely, and the fabric around her neck, is made of the same one she used on the orange jacket. Plus she has drawn the Kyuubi seal on her stomach. Overall, this is a risky cosplay that could have turned at horribly but she made it work. It’s unlike any Naruto cosplay I’ve ever seen, and will forever be a personal favorite. Wow.
`naruto cosplay
Adorable Naruto cosplay. Believe it or not this is a girl. =3
naruto cosplay


anime girl hinata cosplay
The scenery and her pose totally own in this picture.

neji naruto cosplay-ftw
The Legendary Sannins
Cosplay for the win! This cosplay group took the Legendary Sannins of Naruto and turned them into some badass, visual kei rockers. Not only that, but their costumes coordinate together perfectly. All of them are wearing some variation of spikes, leather, red oriental fabric and swords. Very cool. Their wigs and makeup are edgy and well done too. And they obviously planned their poses before the photographer snapped the photo. Preparation is key.

cosplay-ftw naruto
Notice the small scrolls at Naruto cosplayer’s hip, the decorations on their anbu masks, Sasuke cosplayer’s weapon and again their choice in fabrics. Personally, I think Naruto’s hair could have been better, more spiky, etc. But all in all, these cosplayers managed to make a rather "average" anbu cosplay more exciting. Sasuke's "cooler than thou" attitude and Naruto's free-spiritedness shine through in this photo thanks to their poses.
cosplay-ftw naruto
naruto uchiha cosplay-ftw
naruto itachi cosplay
cosplay-ftw naruto akatsuki
I seriously didn’t think it was possible to pull of a good Deidara cosplay (the ones I’ve seen were mediocre at best) But then . . . I stumbled across this. Now I too, believe. =)

Anko Cosplay
cosplay-ftw naruto cosplay

Sasuke Cosplay
sasuke cosplay-ftw naruto
sexy sasuke cosplay

Gaara Cosplay
gaara cosplay naruto
gaara cosplay naruto

Enma cosplay
enma cosplay

sakura cosplay naruto

orochimaru cosplay naruto

Like I always say, props are great in cosplay . . . especially real ones! =3 Good snakey.
orochimaru cosplay naruto

pein naruto cosplay
pein naruto cosplay 

shino cosplay naruto

tenten cosplay naruto

Group Cosplay
group cosplay
group cosplay naruto
This modern day, urban version of Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura is such a cool idea. Sakura looks so pretty and Naruto's just adorable. =3
Sakura & Sasuke
sasuke sakura naruto cosplay-ftw
Pro Sasuke/Sakura pairing fans should love this one. =)
Sakura x Hinata
hinata sakura naruto

Sexy-No-Jutsu Naruto + Sasuke
sexy no-jutsu cosplay naruto sasuke
I love this idea so much. These girls are gorgeous. Such a creative and sophisticated way to portray our favorite Konoha boys ... as lolita girls. xD
sexy no-jutsu cosplay naruto sasuke

Sexy Sasuke x Naruto
sasuke naruto cosplay yaoi hentai
I'm speechless. LOVE IT.

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