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Neon Genesis Uniform Cosplay Costume

Maya Ibuki is a cool character in Neon Genesis. The uniform she wears is so classic that it is very popular with many cosplayers. If you have interest in the cosplay show of Neon Genesis, why not choose Maya Ibuki? Here we offer you the exact Neon Genesis Uniform Cosplay Costume that Maya Ibuki wears.

Maya Ibuki is wearing a beige uniform, which has round stand-up collar and long sleeves. On both shoulders, there are small parts dyed into light brown. Pay attention to the left arm of Maya. There’s a sign of “V” embedded in the sleeves. “V” indicates victory, and we hope you will be eye-catching in your cosplay show. Additionally, you can get a blue triangular button to spice up the look of the neckline.

In addition, there’s one black leather belt on the waist part. This uniform is a little tight and your beautiful figure will be perfectly displayed.
A pair of white panty-hose is worn by Maya. Besides, a pair of long black or brown leather boots is suitable for your dress.
What Maya Ibuki wears is really simple but decent. To be your own Maya Ibuki, just visite our site. You can also find perfect matching wigs and props to finish any vivid look of your chosen character. Now just check the Neon Genesis Uniform cosplay costume out below:

Neon Genesis Uniform Cosplay Costume

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