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The Abstraction of One Piece


Be on as a Japanese shonen manga series illustrated by Eiichiro Oda, One piece mainly told us a group of pirates, especially the protagonist Luffy who has supernatural liability, battles a wide variety of villains and experience adventures in order to search out the series titular treasure. 

Top Characters

One piece features an extensive cast of characters. Amongst them, well-known is Luffy nicknamed Straw Hat as he always appears wearing a golden straw hat. His brave attitude towards life wins cheer and makes him popular. The second classical character is Roronoa Zoro, who is a skilled swordman and is able to use up to three swords at once. Moreover, Nami, a young girl, has the liability of recognize and analyze the slightest changes in the weather, also an excellent pickpocket. Well, above mentioned are three top characters in one piece manga. Actually, without any bias, you will find the creator endows every character in one piece unique in a certain side. 

One Piece Cosplay

How is your response to one piece cosplay? Someone say YES and someone say NO. Normally, after all different people have different ideas. However, it has to admit one piece cosplay has squeezed into the list of top-ranked cospaly manga. One piece cosplay fans in big proportion is threatening other hot manga or anime series such as naruto, final fantasy, bleach and etc. Why can one piece cosplay gain so many admirers? Three reasons to explain here: in first volume, once released, one piece was seen in different forms such as manga, video games and anime films, and this gives it a number of opportunities to display, and inadvertently leave deep impression with us. Secondly, for girl copslayers, no matter character personality or appearance one piece is a big challenge as most of other manga or anime love to design a female character with gentle and elegant temperament. Lastly, although originated from Janpan, one piece has a close to historical event presentence of western countries such as USA, which promote it to walk into world.  

If you haven’t had a try one piece cosplay, or you are hesitating, please join! To experience it, you can get big surprise.

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