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Sasuke Fan & Fun Stuff, Gifts and More

Are you in search for a Naruto Sasuke gift? Or want to add to your collection? Here you can find everything there is on your favorite Naruto character. At least, that is if your favorite is Sasuke of course.

You can find, t-shirts, action figures, statues, keychains, dvd's, books, necklaces, bags, costumes, cosplay items, toys... and everything else there is for the real Sasuke fan.

Hope you will enjoy this page and if you think there's missing something you can always leave me a note.


sasuke in Cosplay with Tattoos
This cosplay Sasuke look at the end, hairstyle, black eyes and Kunai.
Sasuke Cosplay
Once again, eyes and tattoos.
Sasuke Cosplay
Tattoos have also been put here with care:
Sasuke Cosplay
The installation is important:
Sasuke Cosplay
Note the details: the stock market and the symbol on the back
Sasuke Cosplay
Here too, the bride does a nice job, the weapon behind his back is very well done
Sasuke Cosplay
Still the same Cosplay Naruto: see also the proportions of the gun than the person doing the cosplay
Sasuke Cosplay
Photo ritocatta Photoshop, ok, but the effect is fantastic, it is undeniable that this is well done cosplay Sasuke
Sasuke Cosplay
He could miss the cosplay Sasuke Yaoi? No, and indeed there is, to the delight of the girls
Sasuke Yaoi Cosplay

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