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Cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao as One of the Ambassadors of Globe Tattoo Torque

Cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao with the rest of the Ambassadors

I'm into this stalking job (just kiddin') and found out that Alodia Gosiengfiao is one of the Ambassadors or should I say endorser of the New Globe Tattoo Torque. Well that's a great news for Alodia fans that Globe, a big communication network here in the Philippines consider Alodia as one of their endorsers and trust her to put on the front page of their new product. Kinda funny though, when she posted a status on her fan page, she doesn't want to accept the title Cosplay Goddess.

Well doll, you deserve the title Cosplay Goddess, you and Ashley Gosiengfiao IMO (in my opinion).

Just to complete the line-up, I will consider writing the names of the 2 ambassadors, the Tattoo Artist Sarah Gaugler and the Celebrity Sprint Coach Rio dela Cruz.

Also she posted an article on her fan page on which she didn't acknowledge the writer of the article about the latest product of Globe, the Tattoo Torque. For the disclaimers, please don't curse me if I quote this one - Around The World In a Single Click With Tattoo Torque 

Wouldn’t you want to traverse the globe in just one click? Stream “Spiderman:Turn off the Dark” snippets to get the New York vibe, teleport to Paris by shopping the Hermes online boutique, then channel the Harajuku girls by downloading the latest fashions straight from Tokyo designers?
With the influx of technological breakthroughs alongside a growing on-line community, more and more people are looking for the fastest connection that cuts through cyberspace at the speed of light. And they’re finding it in Tattoo Torque, Globe’s latest super-powered internet hookup that puts the world squarely in your hands with just one click.
Powered by state-of-the-art fiber-optic technology called GPON (Gigabit Passive Optical Network), Tattoo Torque is Globe’s solution to your need to carry massive amounts of data into your home, like your favorite movies, music, games and much more. 
With speeds that run the gamut from 6Mbps to a blazing 100Mbps, it takes a few Torque-fueled seconds to download a new song, and some extra minutes for a full-length HD movie. Tattoo Torque even helps users to be more productive, getting them information in a flash, letting them swiftly download large files, and allowing them to keep more applications open at the same time even as they work. So customers can get everything they will ever need for work and play on-line with the fastest, richest connection in the country today.
I like the fact that Alodia accepted this endorsement coz' it compliments her achievement as one of the top cosplayer around the world and I may say that she's an international star on the cosplay side.

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